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I have uploaded my first model pack here:… and it includes alot of the stuff i've been working on (see below) :D I hope people like it as i've put quite a bit of work into it =P

Now the file is up correctly, hope you like it if you get it.

I'm still working on the stuff below and should have some more stuff finished or previewed up shortly ^^

As always I welcome anyone who's stumbled across my page and hope you like what you see :D


I am currently working on a few things, so I thought I would make a list to show where there at:

Garry's Mod Pics:

-Franchise Wars Space Battle
  - Nintendo Ships             (Aquired)
  - Starwars Ships             (Aquired)
  - Starfox Comms              (Complete)
    - Cockpit Shots            (Complete)
    - Comm Window              (Complete)
    - Starfox Font             (Complete)
  - Triforce Powersource       (Complete)
  - Ship Resizing              (Bugged) (some do, some don't)
  - Reskinning/Hexing          (In-Progress) (See below)
  - Pics and Posing            (In-Progress)


Garry's Mod Extras:


- Bender (UT2004 to Source) (In-Progress) (can't get it to compile correctly)…
- Junk Yard Mech (UT2004 to Source)
- Destroyer Droid (UT2004 to Source) (In-Progress)…
- Weapon Models (In-Progress)
- Other UT Models to Source (if manage the rest)

- Weapon Models (In-Progress)………
- Vehicles (Conceptual)

-Batman Arkham
- Characters (Can't find them in the files)

- Pokemon Models (In-Progress)……

- Fox McCloud Barney Replacement (Bugged) (refuses to replace Barney, the stubborn git ._/.)
- Mewtwo NPC (In-Progress)
- Link Player Model (In-Progress)
- Falco NPC/Player Model (In-progress)
- GTA Niko NPC (Complete) (Some bugs still)…


- Survivor NPCs (In-Progress) (Models are bugged and dont have NPC anims)
- Other NPCs    (Conceptual)

  -Melee SWEPS
   - Link Mastersword   (Complete)    (based off GPK)
   - Link Pistol        (Complete)    (based off GPK)
   - Unarmed            (Bugged)      (can't Get it to work as both Punch and Kick)
   - Punch              (In-Progress) (based off GPK Fists)
   - Kick               (In-Progress) (based off Spartan Kick SWEP)
   - Lead Pipe          (Complete)    (currently using Combine Hands, based off GPK)
   - Combine Lead Pipe  (In-Progress) (attack function broken - based off Stunstick SWEP)
   - Combine Stunstick  (In-Progress) (Combine sounds broken - based off Stunstick SWEP)
   - Fae Stunstick      (In-Progress) (attack function broken - Based off Stunstick SWEP)
   - Gameboy Pokemon    (In-Progress) (based on Doom Weapon SWEPs)

   - Flyable Tie Fighter (In-Progress) (needs looped flight sound)
   - Tachikoma           (Conceptual)  (need to find a suitible base)

   - Hand Model/Material Switcher    (Conceptual)
   - Crowbar Model/Material Switcher (Conceptual)
   - Facehugger Pill                 (In-Progress)



-Combine            (Got Skin)
  - Lead Pipe        (Complete)
  - Fists            (In-Progress)

-Aperture Combine   (Got Skin)
  - Fists            (In-Progress)

-Aperture           (Conceptual)

-Halo               (In-Progress)

-Link               (In Progress)

-Alternate H.E.V.   (Got Skins)
  - Fists            (In-Progress)

-Tachikomas                        (may use new model)…
   - Black             (In-Progress) (needs darkening)
   - Silver            (Bugged)      (Spawns as Effect)
   - Red               (In-Progress) (needs darkening)
   - Green             (In-Progress) (needs darkening)
   - Yellow            (In-Progress) (needs darkening and details)
   - Brown             (In-Progress) (needs darkening)
   - Camo              (In-Progress) (need a better camo skin)

   - Link Stormtrooper (Complete) (though may tweak head/hand Triforce)…
   - Tie Fighter Pilot (Conceptual)

   - Open Mouth Kirby      (Complete)…
   - Yellow Kirby          (Complete)…
   - Black and White Kirby (Conceptual)
   - Green Kirby           (In-Progress)
   - Red Kirby             (In-Progress)
   - other SSB colours     (Conceptual)

   - Shadow Link (Complete)

   - Aperture Reskin (In-Progress) (got skin)

   - Venom 1 (Complete)
   - Venom 2 (Complete)

  - Green Lucario    (Complete)…
  - Shiney Lugia     (Complete)…
  - Shiney Mewtwo    (Complete)……
  - Shiney Lucario   (Complete)………
  - Shiney Bulbasaur (Complete)…
  - Shiney Charizard (Complete)…
  - Shadow Lugia     (Complete)…
  - Shiney Meowth    (Conceptual)
  - Bulbasaur Improvements (Complete)
  - Mewtwo Improvements (Complete)
  - Blue Lucario     (In-Progress)……
  - White Lucario (In-Progress)
  - Red Lucario   (In-Progress)
  - Other Brawl based Reskins (Conceptual) (need some reference pics)

   - Adopt Org Saix Cat (Complete)…

-Battle Droid
   - Droid Commander (In-Progress)…


- Lead Pipe Combine        (Complete)
- Couloured Crowbars       (In-Progress) (got models)
- Combine Stunstick        (Bugged)      (Combine Hand Skin not loading)
- Link Weapons             (Complete)    (Mastersword and Pistol, may do others)
- Broken Halo Flamethrower (Complete)    (Fixed it ^^)
- Half Life weapons        (In-Progress) (extracted models)


- Posters                                (Open for requests)
   - L4D Campaign Posters (Complete)…
   - Death Note Poster    (Complete)
   - Laughing Man Hack    (Complete)      (transparency is bugged)…

  - Darkman Request      (Complete)…
  - Golden Fists         (Complete)…
  - Walking Shell        (In-Progress)
  - Animated Hair Flight (Conceptual)
  - Plaster              (In-Progress)
  - Barrel               (In-Progress)
  - Orb Attack           (In-Progress)

- Pokeball          (Complete) (Based on Grenade)…
- Laughing Man Hack (Complete) (transparency is bugged)…
- Premier Ball (Complete) (Based on Pokeball)…
- Ultra Ball (In-Progress) (Need to figure out texture mapping)
- Other Pokeball Reskins (In-Progress) (See above)
- Energy Ball (Complete)…
- Rayman Attack (In-Progress) (Can't get textures to show up)
- Aura Sphere (Complete)…


  - Coloured Rope (Complete) (may update with new colours)…
  - Chain         (In-Progress) (need to update with Alpha Channel)

- Colours                (Complete)
- Colours 2              (Complete)
- Animated Laughing Man  (Complete) (transparency is finally working!)……
- Pokeball               (Complete) (also now hexed)
- Red Skull              (Complete) (needs to be hexed onto model)
- Samus Ball             (Complete)…
- Sonic Spin Attack      (In-Progress) (will need hexing after)
- Yoshi Egg              (complete)    (though not quite right yet)
- UT2004 ports           (Complete)    (but may do more)
- Rayman Plaster         (In-Progress)
- Rayman Barrel          (In-Progress)
- Rayman Animated Flight (in-Progress)
- Walking Shell Textures (In-Progress)
- Rayman Help Stone      (In-Progress) (got image and normal)
- Team Rocket Lucario NPC (Complete)……
- Other Hex Textures     (In-Progress) (see above)
- Other Random Textures  (When Found/Made)

-Addon Format          (as they come)…
-Map Catagorisation    (Complete) (will update if find more)…
-GMod Shortcut Symbols (Complete)


Left 4 Dead Extras:
-Map Addon Conversion (as they come)…
- Loadscreens        (as they come) (still some to do)…
- Outroimages        (as they come) (still some to do)…
- Mission files      (as they come)
- Addon Info files   (as they come)
- Map Pics           (as they come) (still some to do)


Theres all the stuff i'm working on at the minuite (probberly missed something), so hopefully i'll continue with them in the coming days.


Featured Links:… (Friend of mine :iconpsydeways: page) (Mam's friend's page, made by her)… (my page on the Dial Maker site for Heroclix dials)… (:icongene-sama:'s End of Year video)… (:iconoz-walsh:'s YouTube Page with some new screen capture Vids)… (VTF Edit the program I use for Source Material making)… (GCF Scape a useful tool for finding base source stuff)… (XVI32 Hex Editor useful tool for Hex Editing Source Models)… (My downloads page)

Interesting links: (site to watch Anime on)… (xxxHolic playlist on YouTube)… (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged on YouTube - very funny) (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged actual site)… (The Secret World trailer - looks interesting) (useful e-mail organiser site)… (BBC Two live stream - also has other BBC channels) (Steam global game stats)… (Global Agenda - another interesting looking game) (Internet Movie Database - worlds most useful thing for finding who it is)… (Zero Punctuation Reviews by Yahtzee)… (Unskippable - Cutscene sillyness) (Stuff on my cat - Cats with stuff on em)… (L4D2 gameplay and other trailers) (APB Evolved site)… (APB Evolved Trailer)… (Freeman's Mind Machinima - told to watch by :iconoz-walsh:) (Garry's Mod stuff site)… (Real Gundam)… (Brilliant trailer for Global Agenda)… (A useful piece of Paint-like software) (A bizzare programme that was featured on a Charlie Brooker show) (GIMP a piece of Photoshop-like software I have started to use) (KirbyDex homepage, an interesting Kirby Hat based site I stumbled across) (good site for getting custom L4D Maps)… (A site with strange origami models)
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caboose10 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
Do you make models for Ut2k4 as well as porting them for Source?

Someone on FP has a good model of Claire Redfield that would be good to have in UT. Ive tried (now i can texture in Milkshape) to give them skeletons but i suck.
SilverSpiritUK Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2010
I've not really tried porting to UT2004, but I could try at some point I suppose ^^
caboose10 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010
I got it in, using the default Ut2k5 skeleton, and it doesnt look bad for my first one in game, except weapons are invisible :(
SilverSpiritUK Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
If i'd left it as only an addon file you could extract it from the zip with WinRAR yes. but to get the stuff you'd need to install it. But seeing as no-one likes the installer i'll put up a normal version when i've made a few more things (also will fix the kirbys) though it will be a larger download.

nm just looked its gone anyway.
Eshap Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009
Awesome. :) You've got my download. I'll try and use them in a pic some time.
SilverSpiritUK Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009
YAY!! XD Please do ^^
Eshap Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009
Out of curiosity, why is there an installer in the file?
SilverSpiritUK Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009
Thats what installs the pack. You need to run it and navigate it to your addons folder when asked. The other addon file is a different one entirely. *Is beginning too think his ideas to make it easier to use made it more difficult* @.@
Eshap Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2009
I've never heard of that method before. Wouldn't you just be able to extract it all using WinRAR?
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